"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

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Abundant Life

Sermon: John 10:1-10

Many of us here remember when computers and the internet began – I really don’t remember exactly when I figured out email, but do remember signing up for my email account.  I can even remember thinking and wondering if I would even get an email!And now, email sometimes consumes my time!  I try to set aside time to make sure I have properly answered my email. Email now has a way of sucking up my time!

A Misunderstanding

I hate that sinking feeling of when I have realized that I completely misunderstood what it is that I am supposed to be doing.  I think it has happened in every new job I have ever had.  It’s easy to get side-tracked.  Even as a pastor, my focus should be to always help people develop and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ – whether through worship, prayer, devotions, and/or ministries.  But, then suddenly I find myself worrying about the stuff that has nothing to do with people’s relationship with God; for example, the mundane maintenance of the church building.  I am sometimes reminded from others that it isn’t my job to worry about those things.  But, it’s hard to stay focused on what we are “really” supposed to be doing.

God’s Mountain

As I think about the world and the mess we are in concerning our values, morals, and the way we treat each other – I can hardly imagine a place where that will no longer be the case.  But, what if there was such a place?  A place on earth where all will come to worship our God.  A place where everyone gets along and treasures our differences – the way we look or think.  What if…there was no violence – only love and caring for one another.  Can you even imagine?

And, Suddenly, You were My Everything!

I remember meeting my husband for the first time. We have now been married almost 34 years.  For me, it was love at first sight.  I wanted to get to know him.  I wanted to spend time with him.  I would even lay awake at night thinking about him.  No doubt, I fell in love and cannot imagine my life without him.  We do everything together.  We are a part of each other’s lives.  We treat each other with respect.  We are faithful and loyal to each other.  We share our secrets, our hopes, and our dreams.  It is a relationship that I am truly grateful for.

Is Your Heart Clean?

News Flash! The Church is for Sinners!  I had a parishioner once say to me, “I don’t need to come to church, I just enjoy it.  I am old man and no longer sin; therefore, I do not need forgiveness.”  It took all I had not to tell this dear old man, “Well, you just did.  You just sinned in the eyes of the Lord.  Your pride is in the way of seeing yourself as a sinner.”  In God’s eyes – a sin is a sin.  One sin is not greater than the other.  Furthermore, we cannot receive God’s forgiveness without repentance.  It is a slippery slope if we believe we have not done anything wrong.

Hurry, While There is Still Time!

When I feel, I have not been treated fairly and justly, I long for an apology.  I believe that is human nature.  All of us want to be treated and loved justly and fairly.  After all, isn’t that the Golden Rule – to love others the same way you love yourself?  However, we make mistakes; we often do not recognize or we overlook how we should treat others – possibly not realizing that we have hurt someone else through our actions – or even lack of actions.  But, have you thought about why God wants us to love others the way we love ourselves?

The Time will Come

Once upon a time, we lived in Bedford, VA – just outside of Roanoke.  It was one of the most beautiful places we have ever lived.  We were nestled in a valley between the mountains, moo-cows in our back yard, and the most wonderful neighbors you could ever have.  It was a blessing in that place where we found peace, solitude, and restoration.  However, we are not gardeners, but had the opportunity to plant one.  So, we did.  It was beautiful!  It seemed that just over night, we had the most gorgeous cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers.  They were so close to being ready for the pickin!

What God Wants, Not What We Want

If there is one thing that if I could ask God to give me, it would be the gift of singing and the ability to play a musical instrument, such as the guitar.  Ok…that’s really two things, but perhaps if I had the gift of one, I would have the gift of the other automatically.  In any case, I am envious of those who can use those gifts of musical ability for the glory of God, especially in a worship setting.  However, there is a fine line between making it about ourselves instead of making it about the glory of God.  If we are not careful, we may find ourselves wanting to attend worship because we are being entertained.  It then becomes about us being fulfilled by the ‘concert’ and not about our hearts being affected by the message of God.

Hope in God, No Matter What

In Manchester, England just this past Monday, concert goers were attacked by the Islamic State Group (ISIS) where young children were attending.  A suicide bomber entered the arena, killing 22 people and wounded 59.  The youngest victim who was killed was only eight years old.   There is no doubt that our world lives in fear.  When I hear news, such as this, I am reminded of how far our world has turned away from God.