Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

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We Have Been Commissioned for Christ!

I have a friend and her husband who have just been “commissioned” to go on a mission in Ecuador. Being “commissioned” is a big deal!  To be commissioned for a specific mission is to entrust that person or group of people with supervisory power or authority. It is authority granted for a particular action or function (   In their case, they will be helping and taking care of those who do not have a means for dental care.  While not all of us have those specific skills, we are commissioned by God every single day for the sake of the Gospel!

Seeing God Face-to-Face

You may remember hearing about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, when he had cancer and was dying.  It was said that he was not a religious man.  In fact, he never wanted Apple devices to have an “on/off” switch because it reminded him of what death may be like – When we are alive, we are on, but when we die, we just turn ‘off.’  Like most of us, I would say that Steve Jobs was afraid of death.  It is fear of the unknown.

Who Do You Trust?

Did you ever play the game where you stood with your back to someone, trusting the person would catch you as you let yourself fall backwards?  Of course, the whole point to the game is allowing to put your trust in someone else other than yourself.  Did you know that sheep demonstrate “trust” in a profound way?  They put their trust in the one who is leading them – they hear his or her voice and follow – trusting they will be led to safety.