Living a Life in Christ!

Have you ever thought about what makes “love” love?  Because sometimes I think the word gets thrown around a lot and it gets said just for the sake of saying it.  But, why do you love your mom and dad?  Why do you love your children?  Why do you love your spouse?  And, most importantly, why do you think God loves you?

In Ephesians 2:1-10, St. Paul’s words drive home the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  This is the heart of the Gospel!  And, it is not easy to grasp and understand.  But there are two things that need to remembered…the first is that Jesus’ definition of death is not the same as ours.  Death for Jesus is our sin. Therefore, inevitably, we die every day because we sin every day (v.3).  The second thing is that one cannot save ones’ self (v.8).  There is nothing you can say or do that will give you salvation (v.9).  Jesus is God’s gift to the world who saves us!

And, why is this love?  Because not a single one of us deserves it!  Neither you or I have done anything that deserves the love of God who sent His only Son to die and be crucified on the cross – just so that our sins could be forgiven! When Christ works in us and gives us grace – meaning…forgiveness of our sin – we are “reborn” into a life with Christ!  This is LIVING A LIFE IN CHRIST!   And, above all, God loves you because God prepared beforehand to be your way of life! (v.10)

Let us pray…Gracious God, we do not deserve the love that you have bestowed upon us.  We are dead to our sin and you give us life through your amazing grace and love for us.  We praise you and thank you for your gifts of grace, mercy, and forgiveness.  In your name we pray.  Amen.

About pastorterrihttps://pastorterri.wordpress.comI serve as the pastor at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Augusta, GA.

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