What is Important?

My mom, who is now 80 years old, broke her back last week.  She is not even sure how it happened.  I have decided that old age is not something to look forward to.  She even told me that the golden years are all a myth.  Preparing for our retirement and our end days on earth are so difficult.  So many to things to think about – Will I have enough money to sustain me until I die?  Where will I go when I can no longer take care of myself?  How will I pay for care and where will I live?  Who should I instruct to handle all of my affairs?

In 1 Kings 2:1-10, King David knows he is about to die.  He has already appointed his son, Solomon to be King in his place.  Before he dies, he gives his son, Solomon instructions: “Be strong.  Be courageous, and keep the charge of the Lord your God, walking in his ways and keeping his statues, his, commandments, his ordinances, and his testimonies…”  I wonder how many of us would give that instruction to the ones we are leaving behind?  Because I am thinking I would say something like, “Here is all my bills; here is the deed to my house; and here is my life insurance policy, etc…” I wonder if being a godly person is to have our minds and hearts on godly things – not earthly things?

Let us pray…Dear God, help us to set our minds on you and what is important to you – not what is important here on earth.  Help us to prepare for our death by understanding your heavenly realm.  We pray this in your name.  Amen.

About pastorterrihttps://pastorterri.wordpress.comI serve as the pastor at Lutheran Church of the Resurrection, Augusta, GA.

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