"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

A Change of Life!

When my husband and I first got married, we were what you would call – poor!  We truly had nothing – not even good jobs, so to speak.  But, we were young and crazy about each other and that always seemed to be enough.  However, not having money to do the things we wanted to do and having the ability to have the things we wanted, we soon grew tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck.  Now, almost 35 years later, we are so blessed with so much, including four beautiful children!

In John 6:22-40, Jesus is gaining popularity and the crowds of people go searching for Jesus. Interestingly, the crowds and the disciples cannot figure out how Jesus got to the other side of the sea.  They just found him there (John 6:25)!   Jesus lets them know that they are looking for him for all the wrong reasons – not because they believe in him, but because He feeds them.  Then they begin this whole discussion about bread and performing signs so that they may believe in Jesus.  When the disciples ask for a sign, they bring up that Moses gave the people manna from heaven (v.31).  But, here is what catches my attention:  Jesus says, “Very truly, I tell you, it was not Moses who gave you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father…” And, so I can’t help but to think about how as humans, we want to take the credit for all the things that God has given to us.

My husband and I worked very hard to get to where we are now.  But, it was not by our own doing that we can take the credit!  All that we have belongs to God – our possessions, our home, our cars, our money, and even our children.  It can all be taken away just as it was all given to us.  Jesus says, “Do not work for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you”(v.27).  In other words, keep your priorities in order!  Remember first and foremost, the Christ that died for you, giving you the freedom to live in a life that is truly life!

Living paycheck-to-paycheck is not a fun way to live.  It’s stressful, it’s hard, and it is grueling.  Jesus promises, “Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”(v.35).  Put your faith in Jesus Christ, work for your eternal life through mission and outreach; If you are not a member of a church, join a church and worship; Be in God’s Word, and give back to God all that God has given you –

See if your life doesn’t begin to change…


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