"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

Judgement and Grace

Have you ever thought about if God were to come sit beside you in physical form – like a friend who came over to just chat for a while; what would God say to you.  While this actually scares me to death, I think it might also be comforting.  I believe that God would first reveal to me all my sins – particularly all the things that I put before Him.  I want to love God with all my heart; however, have you ever thought about what that ‘really’ entails?  It means that God comes first in everything!  I certainly have failed on all accounts.  The good news is that the same God who judges us is the same God who gives us grace and mercy.

In 1 Samuel 7:2-17, Samuel gives his life to God – everything!  He knew with all his heart, soul, and mind that God was the reason for his existence and that his mom dedicated him to the Lord as a small child.  So, wherever Samuel went with the Israelites, Samuel always made and altar and worshipped the Lord in that place (v.12-13).  However, Samuel’s main job throughout his life was to be the judge over Israel (v.15).  I find this interesting because I don’t think I would want another human being judging me for my actions, thoughts, and deeds.  Humans are not capable of forgiveness in the same way that our God forgives us.

Let us pray…Lord Jesus, we pray that you do come and sit beside us – not only to reveal our sin to us so that we may repent; but to be our friend and offer to us your amazing love, forgiveness, grace, and mercy.  Be with us and remind us that we are love God with our whole heart – putting God first in our lives.  In your name we pray, Amen.


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