"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

Standing on God’s Word

Our two boys are only 17 months apart in age.  I was a very lucky mom because I wanted more than anything at the time, to have the ability to stay home with them.  I was given that gift and enjoyed every single minute.  Those boys were the light of my life and everything I did evolved around them.  In the community in which we lived, was a university that offered one of the best preschool programs in the country.  My husband and I sacrificed greatly so that we could afford to send them to that preschool.  The reason that we wanted them to attend preschool there was so that they would have a strong academic foundation.  We believed that this preschool program would give them that opportunity.

In Matthew 7:24-29, Jesus is talking to the crowds of people and anyone who was willing to listen.  I can’t help but to think of the “Three Little Pigs” when I read this text.  You know the story – one pig builds his house of straw and the wolf blows it down.  The second pig builds his house of sticks and the wolf blows it down.  But, the third pig builds his house of brick and the wolf is unable to blow it down.  The reason is because the house has a strong foundation.  Jesus is talking about the metaphor of building a house and how it is built and what it is built on to demonstrate our faith.  Our faith is strong only if grounded in the Word of God.  However, if we are not in the Word of God, we will have the tendency to be led in the wrong direction.

Our faith must be grounded in God’s Word so that we can get through all the rough and stormy times in our life.  And, believe me, those days will come and sometimes with a vengeance.  Here is the thing…We will have bad and stormy times in our lives.  We can choose to have those days alone and lost – Or, we can choose to be in a relationship with Jesus who will walk with us and provide what we need to get through those days.

The choice is yours.  However, it does require the Word of God who will provide what you need to get through those days.

Let us pray, Jesus, you are our friend and our rock.  Sometimes we forget that.  Help us to set our foundation of faith in your Word.  We love you so much, Amen.


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