"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

Would You Know Jesus if You Saw Him?

I have never had the opportunity to see the Northern Lights; however, it is on my bucket list.  Honestly, I think if I were to see something of that magnitude, I probably would think it was the second coming of Jesus.  I can only imagine how beautiful it must be.

In Matthew 2:1-12, the Magi had seen the star that appeared in the sky to indicate that Jesus, the King of the Jews, had been born.  Magi in those days, were astrologers.  They always had their eye on the sky.  I believe they were always looking for the coming of the Lord.  And, so when they saw the star, they went looking for Jesus, the newborn child.  But, when they went to King Herod, they realized that the King could not take the pressure of having someone who would be ruler over him.

Here is what always amazes me when I read this story…It was like it only took one look at Jesus, even as an infant, and they knew they had found the Savior.  There had to be something ‘absolutely’ amazing about Jesus that drew people into him from the second they would lay eyes on him.  In fact, they heard the voice of the angels telling them to go another way back to Jerusalem and not report back to the King what they had seen.

I cannot help but to wonder if that is how it will be when we see Jesus.  ‘One look’ and we will know!  We will know who the One is that offers us our salvation.

Let us pray…Gracious God, help us to know our Lord, so on that day when we meet Jesus face-to-face, we will know, without a shadow of a doubt, our Lord and Savior – the One who died for us so that we may have eternal life.  In this we pray, Amen.


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