"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

You Can’t Always Have What you Want!

This is a very materialistic world.  Now that it is getting closer to Christmas, we will begin to see ads for all the newest, greatest, and most expensive toys – IPhones, IPads, computers, and PlayStations, etc…It’s difficult to not want ownership of all these new- fangled electronics.  Tis the season for credit card fraud, computer hacking into personal accounts, and stealing identities in which, one has access to banking accounts, etc…

In 1 Kings 21:1-19, a king named Ahab wanted something that did not belong to him – A vineyard that belonged to a man named Naboth.  Ahab wanted the vineyard because it was near his house.  In Ahab’s defense, he did offer to Naboth either a fair trade in land or to pay him a fair price.  But, Naboth did not want to trade or sell the vineyard.  So, Ahab was a brat (in my book) – “He lay down on his bed, turned away his face, and would not eat” (v.4).

King Ahab’s wife comes into the room and is like, “Good grief, get up and I’ll handle this issue.” And, so she does – she writes a letter in the king’s name and has Naboth killed so that Ahab can take ownership of the vineyard.  However, when Ahab goes to claim the vineyard, God sends his prophet Elijah to tell Ahab, “In the place where dogs liked up the blood of Naboth, dogs will also lick up your blood” (v.19).

God loves justice!  What Ahab’s wife did was wrong! She took a situation into her own hands, in which it turned out in murder of an innocent man.  God saw the evil and now Ahab will pay the price!  However, for me, the real sin is that Ahab wanted something that did not belong to him!  This is called “coveting” – the desire to have what belongs to someone else.

When we desire something so bad that we will do whatever it takes to have that “thing,” we are headed down a very slippery slope.  The problem is that so many people think that they will find joy in having the material things of the world.  They miss having true JOY in Christ where one finds contentment and peace with all the blessings that God has bestowed upon them.

Is God asking you to release the desire for material things that you know you cannot afford?  How might God be calling you into a deeper relationship that will bring you contentment and peace?

Let us pray…Gracious and loving God, only you can give us what we really need and desire.  However, we tend to think the things of this world are more important than the grace, mercy, and love that you offer to us.  Help us to turn to you when our desire of worldly things are so great.  We love you so much.  Amen.


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