"Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst" (John 4)
Know the Generosity of God…and never thirst! (John 4)

Never Separated!

There’s no place like home!  I had the honor and privilege to preach at our Community Thanksgiving Service last night.  I talked about home and how much I do not like to travel.  I like being home.  I am most happy when I am with my husband, children, and dogs.  Being separated from the ones that we love is difficult.  Even though you may enjoy traveling, it always feels so good to get home – back in your own bed, your own space, close to your family and friends, and a place where no one can judge you.

In 2 Kings 8:1-19, Elisha, a prophet of the Lord, heals a woman’s son.  The son, once healed, gets up and goes home to be with his family and friends.  Honestly, I cannot imagine or fathom any mother losing her son.  The pain would be unbearable.  The separation and loss of those we love is extremely painful.  We want them to come “home” with us.  The separation is too hard.

I know miracles happen every day and most times completely unnoticed.  We so often do not pay attention to the work the Lord is doing in the world.  It’s much easier to notice all the bad stuff.  But, have you thought about our death as being a miracle?  Because it really is!  If it were not for Jesus Christ, we would not be raised into our eternal life.  We would never get to go home!  Our life with Christ is our final home – a resting place for eternity.  And, eternity is an awful long time!  I believe that when we read these stories in the Bible about those who have risen back into life, is a demonstration for us to see and know how we will be raised into our eternal life.

This Thanksgiving, what if we praised God and gave God thanks for our hope in walking with the Lord in our eternal home…Jesus has made it possible so that we will never be separated from the Love of God and those we love.  Home sweet home.


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